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As a Ward 3 resident I believe Lisa has clearly demonstrated her commitment to her role as Local Councillor for Ward 3 throughout the Council term. Lisa has proven to be highly responsive to residents and to community issues, and always works diligently to ensure that Ajax residents are well represented. In my interactions with Lisa, I have always found her to be approachable, responsive, thoughtful and diligent. She has been a passionate advocate on Ajax Council bringing fresh new perspectives, and I feel confident that she will continue to serve Ajax residents extremely well.

- Tracey Vaughan, Ward 3 resident
and CAO, Town of Cobourg


I’ve played on many great teams over my NHL career, and Lisa can be on my team anytime. Lisa is a leader with a strong voice, but more importantly she knows when to listen. Her hard work, dedication, and commitment to the residents of Ward 3 makes her a great asset and advocate for our ward.  She’s a winner!

- Glenn Healy, Ward 3 resident
NHLAA President and Executive Director, Stanley Cup Champion & hockey personality


Lisa has been an amazing Councillor for Ward 3. I've reached out to her regarding several issues in my neighbourhood and each time she got back to me right away and helped resolve the problem. And she's also a huge advocate for local businesses, in fact I've found a few new restaurants around Ajax just by following her social feeds. She's the best. Period.

- Fred Kennedy, Ward 3 resident
& radio personality


Lisa Bower is easily the best Councillor for Ajax Ward 3. She is on top of the issues and shares regular updates with everyone. The communication she provides is valuable and keeps everyone in our ward up to date. When I have had concerns and reach out to her, I always get a response! The town is so much better when we all work together and having a leader that cares as much as Lisa, only makes our community better.
~ Wayne Young, Ward 3 resident & local Superhero 

- Wayne Young, Ward 3 resident
& local Superhero


I’ve known Lisa for years and the 1st thing I noticed about her was how involved & committed she was to help our children's education and welfare, which led her to becoming Chair of the St. B’s Parent Council when our children were young. When her children grew, her dreams seemed to as well. Watching her hard work in the school community through the years left me no doubt as a Ward 3 Resident that she'd do the same for me. Anytime I’ve had a question about the community or my business – I know who to turn to #LisaBower ❤ #forthewin

- Shaunna Herron, Ward 3 resident
& small business owner


Lisa Bower, as our Ward 3 Councillor, has been very attentive to concerns of her constituents.

She has a great appreciation for the area and has proven herself to a be a great asset for us.

- Nicole Gagnon-Bafaro, Ward 3 resident


We’ll absolutely be voting for you.

You’ve been so accessible and responsive to your constituents.

Anytime we’ve wanted to talk, you’ve been there.  I can’t think of a better candidate!

- The Ng Family, Ward 3 residents


"Kind, selfless and considerate are the words that come to mind when I think about Lisa Bower. It's been a few years since I've lived full-time in South Ajax, but as my friend's mom and a volunteer at my school growing up, I remember Lisa was always willing to go the extra mile.  Thoughtful and compassionate, she made sure that everyone was always treated with respect.  And, of course, as our Council representative for Ward 3, I know that Lisa will stand for all of its residents with that same passion and integrity...I want her on my team!"

- Devin Shore, Dallas Stars (2018)


“I have known Lisa for over 25 years and she is a hardworking, dedicated and vibrant person. Lisa is engaging with people and is always eager to help when needed. I fully support her candidacy for Local Councillor of Ward 3 in Ajax!

- Arnold Santos, Rotary Club Member & President of the Federation of Portuguese-Canadian Business and Professionals (2018)


"I want Lisa on my team! Lisa is a dynamic force who has made a positive change in Ajax.  Over the 16 years that I’ve known Lisa, she has impressed me with her ability to know when to lead and to know when to listen. Lisa brings a fresh voice and new vision, and she's my choice for Ward 3!

- Glenn Healy, Executive Director and President, NHL Alumni Association (2018)


"I came to know Lisa through our council work together at the board and I have seen firsthand her strong work ethic, communication skills and ability to make everyone feel involved and heard. She values open and transparent communication and community engagement. I was thrilled to see that Lisa is running for Local Councillor for Ward 3 in Ajax and she has my full endorsement!"

- Theresa Corless, Oshawa Trustee DCDSB, former Chair of the Board, and candidate for Oshawa Local Councillor, Ward 1 (2018)


"With the commitment Lisa has shown to our community she is exactly the type of Leader we need to help us face the challenges and obstacles ahead in Ajax."

- Todd McCarthy, Former Ontario PC Party Candidate for Ajax, Senior Partner,
Flaherty McCarthy Law Firm (2018)

Alexis Odd photo 2.jpg

"Ajax Ward 3 would be well-served with Lisa Bower as its Town Councillor. Lisa is an empathetic listener who really leans in to learn - she asks all the right questions to help facilitate common understanding, consensus, and solutions. As a small business owner, I appreciate Lisa's experience and business acumen as she drives o obtain results. I'm confident that Lisa will champion the unique needs of Ward 3 taxpayers and ensure their voice is heard and valued."

- Alexis Odd, Fargo Industrial Supply (2018)


"Growing up in Ajax, I had the good fortune of watching an inspirational woman whose empathy, kindness, strength of character and resolve made a real impact in our school community. I remember when I was in grade 8, I shyly approached Lisa for advice and help with a fundraiser for a student with cancer from another school. Lisa was more than happy to help and was instrumental in its success! As your Local Councillor of Ward 3, I'm confident that Lisa Bower will be a  great advocate for the residents of Ajax."

- Aidan Daniels, Toronto National and professional soccer player (2018)

Re-elect Lisa Bower.  Your Local Councillor for Ward 3.

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