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What does Lisa stand for?
That's easy. . . Lisa stands for YOU!

This past term of Council has seen extreme challenges, including a pandemic, profound social justice movements, and extraordinary weather events…throughout the term, Lisa has shown leadership through these challenges and has remained a strong and independent voice on Council, working to ensure that everyone has the opportunity and the ability to enjoy all the amenities that Ajax has to offer.

As your Councillor over the past 4 years, Lisa has connected with countless Ward 3 residents to listen to their concerns and help find solutions.  Being available and accessible are priorities for Lisa and she is guided by the commitments she made to what was important to Ward 3 residents – financial responsibility and attracting new business; protecting and maintaining our waterfront; and community and road safety.    

• involved in the creation of Ajax’s first Indigenous Community and Healing Garden at the Ajax Pickering Hospital and its designation as a National Healing Forest

• initiated a Town wide ban on single use plastics at all Town facilities and public spaces

• co-created the Ajax Homelessness Task Force which resulted in out-of-the-cold programs, storage lockers, and other initiatives to help the most vulnerable

• advocated for a specialized Ajax Waterfront public transit route during the summer season

• endorsed a “Please Slow Down” sign initiative sponsored by Ajax Pickering Road Watch & Durham Regional Police Services   

• initiated the installation of a SMART digital playground and Picture Exchange Communications System to make Ajax’s playgrounds more accessible and inclusive

Here are some of the actions that were important to Lisa, and to you, this past term:

Re-elect Lisa Bower.  Your Local Councillor for Ward 3.

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